Favourite TV Shows:

Being as I am extremely picky in terms of my TV shows and my inner-pessimist finds the flaws in everything, I thought I’d play critic and create a top 5 TV Shows list, explaining what I love about them. I genuinely love writing lists for fun and ranking my interests, which my friends define to be boring. But oh well..

BTW – This is my own personal opinion, I haven’t watched some major shows like ‘The Walking Dead’ just yet, and this is my first post so please be nice 🙂

1) Game of Thrones – All time fav! Every aspect is literally perfection! From the dialogue to the complex structure of each character. You can clearly see every part of GOT has been carefully thought out, and each character brings out they’re own individuality which we could link to ourselves. For those who don’t know what GOT is, in simple terms, it’s simply a fantasy story about the war of royal families who fight for several purposes mainly to gain that intimidating Iron Throne. Family members turn against each other, or may even have been separated which creates a whole new to story plot line for us. Each series gets better and better, with major shocks, due to it’s unpredictability. BTW – I’m house Lannister.

2) Breaking Bad – Almost on par with my no. 1. Breaking Bad is about a dull chemistry teacher (Walter White) who has cancer, which leads to him working with his previous chemistry student and major druggy; Jesse Pinkman in the meth industry to gain those helpful dollars. A huge fav of mine simply because of the huge character development of Walter White. He seems so simplistic to begin with but later becomes one of the greatest fictional badasses on the planet, like wtf. The soundtrack is fucking cool is well if you’re into that darker alternative, which I am.

3) Fargo – In England, this show is not particularly well known, so I’m not certain whether this applies to other countries also, but I love Fargo. A great TV show which is so gripping. S2E9 – I don’t think I’ve shouted at a TV screen so much in my life! It’s weirdly quirky, yet mixed with badass at the same time. Also, each character again, is extremely individualised and complex. I defo recommend to those who haven’t seen it yet and running out of TV shows to waste your life on.

4) Peaky Blinders – Like Fargo, I’m not sure how popular this is in other countries, but unlike Fargo it’s extremely popular in England. It’s a BBC show set during the aftermath of WW1. The story follows around the gang which we grow to love called ‘Peaky Blinders’. It’s soundtrack is brilliant and the acting is so fucking awesome! Defo worth the watch to those who’ve never heard of the name. It’s not your usual BBC period drama that your Mum probably watches updates their friends who’ve missed an episode on, it goes beyond BBC standards! My only flaw is that it’s not for those who have TV on in the background while they scroll through their Facebook feed on their phone (I am awful for this). You need to focus on every episode.

5) IT Crowd – This is a classic British comedy show for those who love that good old British wit. The show is revolved around the characters – Moss, Roy and Jen, who work in the IT department which is looked highly down upon by the rest of the business (Reynolm Industries). You’ll instantly fall for Moss, who is the stereotypical IT nerd, who’s as pure as they come, but so lovable that you want to protect him from all the sexual characters they frequently surround him, he has the most hilarious dialogue – “I came here to drink milk and kick ass… And I’ve just finished my milk.”. Please watch this show! 🙂


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