Sorry for this absence, I’ve been revising hard for my a-levels, then followed by a holiday.

The Jehovah’s witnesses come round to my street everyday Tuesday. My dog jumped on the poor old religious lady, however she hasn’t been since, which is a plus.

Also, every summer I have an artist which I consistently listen to, till the end of summer, because I get bored and the music doesn’t ever fit my ‘Going back to college’ mood. This year, my artist has been my most shameful out of all those I listen to. Kanye West.

I’m not a rap fan particularly, though I am fond of Eminem, but I was playing Saints Row 3 and the song ‘Power’ came on and I was hooked. This lead to a Spotify artist stalk and now I’m truly obsessed with his tunes.

Though I don’t like Kanye’s personality, I do think the more of a dickhead you are, the more interesting the music is. Like John Lennon, was known for his aggression and occasional depressed outbursts and his lyrics are just genius.

I personally listen to anything, I love the more Alternative and Indie genre though. My favourite artists are people like Alt-J and Arcade Fire. I also adore the classics. I’ve always been a massive Beatles fan and when I was in high school, I was weirdly obsessed with Mick Jagger. However, nothing plucks my heartstrings more than the acoustic sound of Bob Dylan. He and Morrissey are both my favourite lyricists. They’re just geniuses!

I am truly sorry for this awful blog post, I didn’t have a particular subject I wanted to specifically talk about.. I just felt the urge to write.

Thanks for reading!


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