My possibly too edgy for a visitation to a village filled with elders outfit. (1)

If you knew me very well, you would know that there are only two colours which I primarily wear on a day to day basis. That is black and white. Despite, the random bursts of heat which occur on random days during July, I refuse to wear anything colourful or bright (I’m a stubborn gal like). The other week me and my dad drove down south to a village in which my aunt and uncle live close to Birmingham. The area is infused with elders. Their modest skirts and white shirts made me feel somewhat underdressed though I was fully covered. I felt like a was rebelling somewhat. Like I was a punk rocker amongst a bunch of virgins (The jocks being the elderly villagers which looked disapproving of youthful fashion) However, I love fashion and I feel it is good to express your identity (Not too sound to cringe). Here is my outfit!

Outfit staffordOutfit Stafford 2

(Excuse the room in the first picture, I would proudly like to say that it was my friend’s minging room, not mine)

Top – Missguided

Pinafore – Zara (£12.99)

Tights – Tesco (£4)


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