That One Day Of College I Made An Effort Look!

In all honesty, the likelihood I’d be seen with enough make up to be classified as “an effort” is a rarity at colleg .

Realistically, I set my alarm an hour before my bus in order to cover those tragically dark bags and cool down the redness of my skin. However, I actually spend a good 30 minutes of that sleeping and pressing the “snooze button”. Then the other 30 minutes scraping on some concealer and mascara (at most!)

Because of my laziness, 4/5 days of college are my minging days (Which I always regret when I show up to college and realise almost all the other girls are looking well cute). However, there is one day in which I  can wake up and do my make up without feeling rushed or tired. That day is Wednesday!

Wednesday is my favourite day as I start my lesson at 2. This allows me to sleep without being awoken by my alarm and getting time to look my best.

Here are two of my Wednesday College look anyhow! (pre shower & post shower)

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow

Foundation: BarryM Flawless Matte Finish

Concealer: Urban Decay

Eyeshadow: Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette

Mascara: Too Faced Better Than Sex

Contour: Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour kit, Sleek Highlighter

Lips: Coloured Raine

I hope you like this look. This is the first time I’ve published an image of myself online (with greasy hair!), which is moderately daunting!

I hope you guys are alright anyways!


How I revise!

Hi all,

Exam season is crawling up on us slowly. I am in my second year of sixth form and I am incredibly anxious as I really want to get into university. I’ve started revising early (Little bits and pieces now and again) and the closer it gets, the more efficiently I revise. To all those who are sick of the simple¬†“Write out what the guide says” strategies, I have my own techniques which I find very useful…

  1. GoConqr: Firstly, GoConqr is a pretty legit website which allows you to write flashcards, mind maps, slideshows and flowcharts online. I often use it for flash card purposes. However, each choice of format you use is easy to use and professionally made. On a plus, it’s pretty damn useful for any type of subject. For example, I use the slideshow and mind map format to write and plan English Literature essays. You can organise your revision notes into different subjects and topics and you can join revision groups and get help from other students.
  2. Flashcards with a twist!: I for one find flashcards utterly boring without a bit of colour and creativity. However, I am too lazy to change letters into different fonts or colours. But, like the hypocrite I am, I enjoy roaming Google for internet GIFS of my favourite TV shows and films for an unhealthy length of time. I linked this hobby together with my revision for fun and it is effective if you are the sort of individual who enjoys binging on TV. When I say I linked them together, I do online flash cards on a certain topic for example “Psychology: Relationships” and to add a bit of individualism to the cards and find gifs and pictures of a specific TV Show or film to relate to the topic. In my “Psychology: Relationships” topic I chose to apply Rachel and Ross gifs and quotes which relate to the knowledge in the revision guide.
  3. Record yourself: There is nothing I find funnier than hearing what my own voice sounds like from others ears. So when I create voice recordings of me reading my revision notes I laugh! It adds a lot of comedy to revising and it’s also something you don’t need to put your full focus on and you can revise whilst doing another hobby.
  4. A revision blog: Now this is something I find really interesting. My friend has her own blog in which she plants her revision notes on with pictures of relevance. It has received a lot of interest and a lot of positive feedback as there aren’t many revision blogs made by students around! It seems to help also as she is on an A-A* grade estimation