Cosmetic Brands Which Animal Test!

Hi all!

As I have recently turned vegan, my whole lifestyle has had to alter! Not only do I have limit down my options when eating out, or going food shopping, I’ve chosen to limit down my makeup cosmetics to those brands which sell only vegan cosmetics and don’t animal test.

Fortunately, in a post-modern society, many makeup brands do not harm cute little bunnies just to make us look pretty. However, though there are few, some of the major big brands still proceed with this unethical activity.

The sole reason for this activity is extremely cliche. They value making dollar over protecting the bunnies! 😦

In China, no makeup brand can be imported to their environment without having to be tested on animals as it’s required by law. Therefore, if you know any brands which do sell over there, I bet you all my makeup collection (Cruelty-free, obvs!) that they test on innocent animals.

A large portion of these brands is also owned by L’OREAL too!

So, without further ado, here is the list of satanic makeup brands which test on animals due to being twats.

  1. MAC
  2. Benefit
  3. Bobbi Brown
  4. Revlon
  5. Rimmel
  6. Chanel
  7. Clinique
  8. Avon
  9. Estee Lauder
  10. Max Factor
  11. Maybelline
  12. Bourjois
  13. Makeup Forever

What interests me most is how a lot of these brands are more likely to be bought by an upper class demographic and are known for being appreciated and used by big celebrities (Chanel, etc..). Perhaps implying the greed and carelessness of extremely big companies.

For those who would like to seek out brands which are cruelty-free, I’d definitely recommend Too-Faced and ELF. Though Too-Faced is now owned by Estee Lauder, the brand itself refuses to take part in any of this terror, which personally doesn’t bother me. However, it annoys others.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this post! As a vegan, animal rights is a social issue close to my heart. I don’t intend to influence anyone to make any radical life choices, but I hope this post raised awareness of the reality of the corporate and ethical side of makeup!

I also don’t intend to offend!

Enjoy the rest of your day guys!

See you! 😀