My possibly too edgy for a visitation to a village filled with elders outfit. (1)

If you knew me very well, you would know that there are only two colours which I primarily wear on a day to day basis. That is black and white. Despite, the random bursts of heat which occur on random days during July, I refuse to wear anything colourful or bright (I’m a stubborn gal like). The other week me and my dad drove down south to a village in which my aunt and uncle live close to Birmingham. The area is infused with elders. Their modest skirts and white shirts made me feel somewhat underdressed though I was fully covered. I felt like a was rebelling somewhat. Like I was a punk rocker amongst a bunch of virgins (The jocks being the elderly villagers which looked disapproving of youthful fashion) However, I love fashion and I feel it is good to express your identity (Not too sound to cringe). Here is my outfit!

Outfit staffordOutfit Stafford 2

(Excuse the room in the first picture, I would proudly like to say that it was my friend’s minging room, not mine)

Top – Missguided

Pinafore – Zara (£12.99)

Tights – Tesco (£4)


My Beauty Wishlist

Unfortunately, I don’t have the dollar to go on about all my new favourite products of the month, so I have to resort to blog posts about products that I wish for instead.We’ve all been in that situation where we see something that is stapled into our long term memory until it’s bought and then we probs end up rarely end up using it. However, there is nothing more satisfying than clicking on that “add to cart” button for a makeup item you’ve been forever eyeing up online.
I thought, in light of my online shopping attempt for a fiver in my account, I’d make a short but sweet list of the products that I’m craving for lately. If any of you know any other products that you’d think I may like feel free to let me know in the comments!! 😊
1) Jeffrey Star Cosmetics; Velour Liquid Lipstick

One thing I have a true shortage of is nude lipsticks. Though I aren’t a particular fan of the self-abosrbant man himself, there’s always been a huge and ironic curiosity and desire to give him my money to try some of his lipsticks. My friends rave about the texture and the quality of his products, which are traits I struggle to find in a lipstick at the moment. A plus for Jeffrey Star Cosmetics is that his products are against animal testing and are 100% vegan (I think..), so I’m willing to try!

2) LASPLASH; Lip Couture Waterproof Liquid Lipstick Day Of The Dead

The look of this product truly had me. It’s unique choice of packaging adds personality to the lipstick and differentiates itself from what you may already have at home. The colour is very bold and would be most suitable with an tense eye look for a night out (Purple would be a cool colour to use alongside it). It’s not what would be expected of me as I feel most comfortable is a classic purple nude shade, but I’m willing to make the change (When I have the dollar of course) 

3) YES TO; Grapefruit Pore Perfection Night Treatment

There’s little to say about why I want this product other than the fact my face has been attacked with troops of spots, so I considered I needed a reliable remedy other than my tacky, cheap Superdrug skincare collection which unsurprisingly has minor impact on my skin. 


EEK! Seeing this beautiful variation of pigments made me question if a Mother’s Day present was actually needed. This Morphe palette is by far one of the most prettiest palettes I’ve seen. Given I’ve bought their eyeshadow before, I trust the brand to live up to high standards at such reasonable prices. I’m hella excited.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read my mediocre blog post which only taught you that I’m poor and have a lot of spots on my face. I do truly appreciate it! 

As stated above, if any one you have any recommendations (As long as the brand doesn’t do animal testing) I’ll definitely have a browse as I’m I need to step away from the brands I forever stick to due to the fear of chance. 

My top 5 eyeshadow palettes

There are three things I spend my paycheck on at the end of the month; make-up, clothes and books. Many of my friends believe I have a talent on wasting money on these things … I couldn’t disagree more! There’s nothing that keeps me optimistic through a college day than knowing I have a Beauty Bay parcel awaiting me at home. In my head, I see it as a reward for putting loads of effort into my work (When I actually make the minimal effort!).

However, my favourite part of makeup is eyeshadow. Underneath my dressing table surrounded by unnecessary amounts of beauty products, is a box of my most favourite eyeshadows. They’re hidden so my friends won’t ask to borrow and also I don’t want to get them dirty or broken.

This blog post is essentially to discuss my most favourite eyeshadow palettes that I own at the moment as I need a source to rant and rave about them because none of my friends wants to listen.

5) Urban Decay; Naked 3 Palette:

The Naked Palettes are a great choice if you’re just starting out in makeup! It was the first high-end palette I bought for myself and I was nervous to use it as it was during my cringey high school days when I had grown accustomed to Collection and Miss Sporty products and excessively avoid now. In my opinion, Naked 3 is the best palette as it differentiates itself slightly from other nude palettes because it uses a plum-nude colour scheme, rather than a mix of brown and cream colours. It comes with a brush, which is easy to use and is good quality. A final thing I have to say it that there is minimal fallout when applying it onto your lid and it has a creamy texture!urban-decay-naked-palette-3.png

4) Too-Faced; Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette:

If I proceed into more blog posts in relevance to beauty, one brand that I’ll subjectively discuss with love and passion is Too-Faced. They’re my favourite makeup brand going at the moment. The Semi-Sweet Palette is one of my favourites as you can do so many different looks with this palette and it works. I particularly like to do looks with a brown-gold colour scheme with the palette as the variation of colour is in the pan, alongside so many other different colours. From my own experience, this palette how more pigment than Naked 3 and it is more fun to use. Thank you Too-Faced for becoming my religion.


3) Morphe Brushes; 35P 35 Colour Plum Palette:

When on a night one, the one palette I always pick up to get those bold colours is my Morphe Plum Palette. Though the palette is dominated by different shades of purple I have used this palette for so many other looks which don’t include purple. There is a tad bit of fall out but for the prices, it’s easy to be forgiven! The pigment is unreal also! I’m forever trying to find a palette which matches at price with a similar level of quality too and I’m struggling. For those for love a bit of eccentricity, I’d defo recommend this palette!


2) Anastasia Beverly Hills; Modern Renaissance Palette:

In second place is my heaven. This palette is orgasmic and it so perfect. You can use this palette for nude looks or you can use it for eccentric looks. (I sway on the eccentric side personally). It does everything. The pigment is so overwhelming and perfect. Like WTF!! ABH are one of my favourite makeup brands, I own a few of their products and have found minimal issues with it yet. When I wear its products, like the palette, I feel utterly glamorous.


1) Too Faced; Sweet Peach Palette:

Too Faced like to play their fans emotions with this palette. They rarely bring it out for a lengthy space of time. Luckily, I got my hands on one of these palettes because of my boyfriend. I wanted it for Christmas and begged my boyfriend to buy it me when it came out. Because he’s a cool dude, he woke up in the early hours just to queue up on the online store for me to get it. Apparently, there were 7,000 people in front of him in the queue, which made me lose all hope in humanity. However, with a stroke of luck and a 3-hour wait, he eventually got one of the last remaining palettes, which led me to break down into pathetic tears. Though the wait for the palette to actually come was a month, it was just worth it. I’ve never invented so many different looks with any other palette other than this one. It allows you to be creative and bold, which is something I appreciate in a palette. There seems to be minimal fallout, and there is such a rich, creamy texture when applying it onto your eyes. The palette is good for highlighting, creating bases and pretty much everything else!

Sweet Peach.jpg

Brighton Buys – day one!

Hello everyone!!
Today I’ve temporarily vacated into Southern England! I personally adore travelling around the UK as each city seems to have its quirk. Currently I’m in Brighton to look at the uni for a few days and I am in the love with the diverse culture! As a bisexual I was delighted to see gay flags covering the central cities and a variety of demographics walking together as couples or friends. Despite it being the first day, the experience has been so good that I hope to share my experiences in a blog after my travels. However, today I am going to show my shopping purchases as I always turn into a spendthrift when I’m out in the high streets of respectable British cities

1) Bare Minerals – Bare Skin (£27)

 As a female adolescent, spots are the ultimate nemesis. Although I feel the need to spend over £40 on the Anastasia Beverly Hill Contour Kit or £36 on a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, the idea of buying high end foundation terrifies me! I think it’s because it’s not the most noticeable aspect of make up, so I feel no need to venture into the extortionate territory. However, my mother gleefully pointed out how horrific and oily my BarryM foundation looked, considering it stated “flawless matte” on its questionable packaging. I personally wouldn’t stand for that as I am a very petty perfectionist so off to Debenhams I went and was recommended this foundation by a beautician. I have only tried the product on my chin as it is flowered with unflattering break out spots. The product remained matte, wasn’t oily and still remained as full coverage. Bare Minerals is also known for using natural products and being anti-animal testing which are two things I approve! Thumbs up for this foundation (Even though I applied it on 5% of my face)

2. Urban Decay – All Nighter; Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray (£10)

In all honesty, I have little to say about this product. Urban Decay has always been a brand I’ve quite liked and I was running a little low on my Gerard Cosmetics Setting Spray that I use. Of course, if you’re into you’re beauty gurus, every guru on the planet seems to recommend Urban Decay for a setting spray (Particularly that white and purple one I can’t remember the name of) so I thought it seemed justified to buy one. However, my cash was pretty tight having just paid for a meal and wasted all my change on the Brighton Pier, so I bought the cheapest and smallest one I could find.

3) Black Mesh Bodysuit – £9.99

Finally, As I currently work in a global clothing chain, I went into the Brighton store to compare as I get ridiculously competitive over the mildest of subjects. Though I think my store is better, I found a black mesh body store that made me question if money is needed to be saved on necessities. The picture makes it look uglier than it is but I can assure you it’s a bloody decent bodysuit. I am running low on clothing to wear during nights out and I personally can’t be dealing with dresses, so I thought it seemed reasonable to purchase. The material is soft and smooth and the patterns are very beautiful. 

Considering this blog has no moral or anything to learn from except how petty and picky I am, I apologise.

BTW; the post is written on an iPad. Thus implying that there will be many grammatical and spelling errors. So sorry in advance!
Anyhow, I hope you’re having a good week guys!!