3 Reasons Why I’m A Feminist

Hi all!

In light of International Women’s Day, I thought I’d make a quick post to explain why I believe feminism is still needed in our complex society.

Not surprisingly, I know many men and even woman who seem to shrug their shoulders, roll their eyes and say “There’s no point in feminism anymore” or “We’re pretty much equal now”. Suuuuuuure pal. Though we have come a pretty legit way, we’ve still got a long way to go!

Many stereotype feminism to be man haters, who always make cringey small dick jokes online to those who remark them. Though that is weirdly true, it is a small minority. Feminists are women and men who believe in equality for both genders and don’t think all men’s penises are small.

Considering Feminism is something I have a true passion about, I thought it would be a great idea to start a blog post to state why I am a proud feminist.

1) A Society Run By Men!

Throughout British History every political party has been dominated by men, making us a patriarchal society. This trend is replicated in most countries also. In my opinion, it seems laughable to see men make choices on matters such as abortion when they have no understanding of being a woman. Janusz Korwin-Mikke, a Polish member of the European Parliament stated that there should be a gender pay gap because a woman is weaker and smaller. If asked for evidence, he’d respond with a classic; “It’s science”. And let’s not forget about the obvious man on the moment; Donald Trump. It’s tragic that a man with such irrational views on abortion is creating new policies in relevance to it without a woman’s thoughts being taken into account.

2) A Home Run By Men!

When my parents were together, it was the norm to see my Mother take part in the housework and cleaning whilst working part time in retail. It was also common to see my Father working two hours longer every day and then coming home and participating in 0% of the housework. This lifestyle is seen in a large majority of households and is so common that we’ve desensitised ourselves to how wrong and traditional this is, considering we’re an era that prides ourself of breaking away from the sexist, homophobic and racist beliefs our nan probs had. It’s wrong because being at home should be a place to seek comfort, free time and relaxation. All housechores should be spread out equally. However, this never seems to be the case, therefore women deal with the dual burdan of house work and paid work.

A further issue about patriarchy in the household is domestic violence. Statistically, 1 in 4 women will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime and two women will die each week from being assaulted by their male partners. Though men can often and easily be the victim, women are way more likely to experience this, which is truly tragic.

3) Stereotyping!

When we all get to that awkward teenage phase (13-15) we all pretty much become judgmental dickheads. However, high school is pretty troubling time for sexism as we fall into an age where we feel most vulnerable and conform to be like others to behave in a certain way for others. Teenage boys often love talking about how “fit” girls are and degrading other girls who don’t match to the ideal physique. In my high school, there were a lot of girls who were bullied for being overweight, into sports and had some sort of disability. This is because boys feel some sort of need to show their friends how masculine they are even though, which is hilarious considering most of them at this point are undergoing puberty, therefore are at their most cringy adolescent days. It’s unfortunate because many boys feel a pressure to hide their emotional or feminine side due to the fear of judgment. This is also similar for girls. Girls who show too much emotion are automatically labelled as “attention seekers”, thus adding extra emotion to the bundle of sadness they were carrying beforehand! High school is a pretty shitty time.


What’s wrong with Youtube and how it can affect us

Hi, all! It’s been a while! As it is a New Year, I’ve decided to push my myself to create more blog posts (Maybe once a week?) as I do enjoy writing. In all honesty, I just got very lazy by the end of last year, but I’m hoping to change that! To start with my first blog post of 2017, I’m going to discuss something I often ponder about in my lounging hours, and that is Youtube! And when I say ‘Youtube’ I don’t mean that one hit wonder cat video or meme you may show your friends, I mean those individuals who make a hell of a good living out of it! Sure, it’s captivated the world and it provides a comforting aspect to our lives. However, there is just something about it when I sit in my bath or bed binge-watching my subscriptions that I find extremely irritating.

If you watch the more feminine side of YouTube, you’d notice the repetitive pattern of videos, such as “Beauty Haul”, “Testing £100 Foundation”, “Everyday night routine”. In my opinion, Beauty Hauls appear somewhat like bragging. Showing off all the luxuries they bought themselves right after Christmas, when in reality, people like me and you sit and mope about our empty purses as all their money has been spent on bath sets or candles for other people. Some often avoid buying drugstore makeup and just tell us we must buy some eyeshadow which is more expensive than our monthly earnings. Maybe I’m overthinking, it’s just I think it’s unfair when people like ourselves work really hard for less money than we deserve and those like Zoella sit in their candle-lit, fairy light bedrooms, earning more money simply by showing off their new Khaki ASOS jeans and getting ready to go out. It seems somewhat lazy and unfair. The night routines they make are a load of crap. Often telling us viewers that they like to do a bit of yoga before bed, or discard their phone away for the rest of the night. In all honestly, how many women do you know that do that? None. If they have vlogs, you’ll notice that this isn’t the case. It is all lies.

It is not just beauty Youtubers neither, many gaming and sports YouTubers do this. Us viewers sit and watch 9 minutes of people breaking, brand new Xbox One’s or watch a 10-minute video of someone showing us different angles of their new Lamborghini and they earn money from doing that too! And here I am, saving up for a £500 used Nissan Micra!

A further thing I find very frustrating about YouTube is this ‘perfect’ lifestyle they like to look like their living. If you watch many vlogs you’ll see a “lazy day” to them is going down to Bristol to do some shopping. Whereas, to us, it’s sitting in our beds watching Rick & Morty whilst eating a £3 takeaway meal. In honesty, no one can be so active or positive. Within a 24 hour period, they only show usually 20 minutes worth of their day. I can guarantee the larger portion of the day is beyond boring.

The scary thing is that Youtube has dominated so many minds of teenagers from 11-16. Often around this age, you’re discovering who you are and what you want to do when you grow up. I have noticed that many of those teenagers try to imitate what they see on YouTube. They try to embody a perfect individual because that’s what YouTube pushes towards us. They feel the need to be like their favourite YouTuber, who will probably have the ‘big house’, the ‘fancy car’ (Often Lamborghini’s for some reason…), and the ‘chipper personality’. However, this is impossible. No one is always happy, particularly at that age. And most of them won’t be able to gain such a lifestyle anyhow. This creates a large level of self-doubt in ourselves, that we aren’t perfect or good enough or as good as them.

I am definitely no psychologist or whatever, but from my own experience I have noticed this, and same with others too. I have been guilty of trying to buy that candle Zoella told me to buy, and that dress Tanya Burr told me to buy, and that Lip Gloss NikkiTutorials told me to buy in order to be like one of them. But it is impossible as it an unrealistic representation of females. YouTuber’s need to realise how narrow-minded they are and need to be more aware of their target audiences.

To conclude, I am not necessarily applying this all YouTubers. There are many I can appreciate as they’re almost and not false. It’s just those who few who selfish individuals. Anyhow, I do really apologise for any it may have upset or offended, it is just a lone man opinion and I just thought it’d be an interesting thing to discuss and write on my blog. The grammar and spelling may be inadequate as I wrote very quickly, due to it being a rant.

Happy New Year Folks!

See you next week!