Day in the life..

Where I’m from in England isn’t particularly beautiful. It’s statistically known for its high crime and it’s general roughness. Today for example, I was waiting for my bus at the station near to where I live and some old dude came towards me, waddling. It’s bad to form your opinions on someone based on their first impressions but this dude was clearly drunk. He screamed “DUCK!” at me. A term used in my city, which is a city nickname for the locals.. (EG  – Hello, duck). It sounds cute but it really isn’t. He asked me what I thought about the EU Referendum. He seemed really pissed on alcohol and the fact that we’ve left. I told him I wanted to remain and then he tried to put his arm round me and talk about the economy. He repeated himself mindless times. Also, now I’m being barricaded in by two old Jehovah’s Witnesses and I need to leave for college. They keep banging on my door and putting their hands through the flap in which mailmen put your post through (Don’t know the specific term for it). My Mum left simply minutes before I am to leave and she rang me soon as she left saying “DON’T OPEN THE DOOR!”. That, of course, led me to panic and think this was the last hour of my life. I asked why and she “Two old Jehovah’s Witnesses are going round the street”. Being the awkward person I am, and to avoid them glaring at me through my windows, whilst I watch Orange Is The New Black on TV in the Living room and grabbed my dog and made a mistake to my bedroom. They won’t see me up here.


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